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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Being out of work is tiring!

So I've got the Toshiba working pretty nicely with all the stuff I need reloaded and working. It's fast and doesn't stumble like the Compaq and I've found a solution for getting the operating system reloaded- yesterday I restored the headlights on a Ford Mustang and the owner of the car is the local Geek Squad manager! He said if I bring the dead machine to him that he would get the OS reloaded for just 60 bucks, not the 130 bucks they normally charge! And I think he is going to find me a few more headlight customers!

I cleaned the Mustang headlights yesterday and a Toyota Prius today. Afterwards I ran up to Powder Mountain Ski Resort for the job fair to make certain that the lift operations manager knew who I was and would be looking for a 2 day per week job for me. Turns out Powder Mountain is now putting ticket checking under the lift operator heading so bumping chairs and running the lift would be my duty too if I get the job. Luckily for me, all three of the folks I was chatting with knew me for the chocolates that appear from my pocket, so I'm pretty certain they will find me a job.

Afterwards, I raced down the mountain so I could redo the headlights I did for a customer last week on a Toyota Camry. For some reason- too cold outside, too much heat from the floodlamps; I don't know, but the urethane coating had fogged up some. I ended up sanding off that coating and redoing it and hopefully it will stay looking good indefinitely.

Tonight I'm just trying to rest up. I have a job application from a local company that I need to complete and send in before Monday and some other leads to follow up on from a Job Fair for veterans that I attended last Wednesday. I'm tired!

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